by Jake Christie

a story.

‎"It's called 'bo-taoshi,'" yelled Steve.

The blaring alarm system wasn't doing him any favors, and neither was the fact that he was wearing a ski mask, so he really should have seen it coming when Eric yelled back, "What?"

Steve pulled up the bottom of his ski mask and wiped the spit off his chin with the back of his hand. Eric instinctively ducked as the gun waved through the air. "Bo-taoshi!" yelled Steve. "It's like capture the flag, except instead of stealing a flag you're trying to knock over a pole!"

"Actually," yelled one of the hostages, "it's more like football than capture the flag, because you don't take the pole anywhere."

"Shut up!" yelled Steve. "I told you to lie on the floor and be quiet! Besides, you take the football somewhere in football!"

"It's more like getting to an endzone, though," yelled another hostage.

Steve waved the gun as menacingly as he could, which was pretty menacingly considering exactly what a gun is designed to do.

Eric slammed his fist on the thick metal door of the vault. "Damn it, Steve," he yelled. "Are we going to rob this place or talk about Japanese variations on capture the flag?"

Steve thought about that for a moment and pulled his ski mask back down. "Can't we do both?" he yelled

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