by Jake Christie

a story.

One day Jamie opened her closet and found another universe inside, a void specked with white and blue stars, with spinning planets and shooting comets, stretched out where her shoes and skirts should have been. She closed the door.

She stood there with her hand on the knob. The door looked the same as any other day. The knob felt the same to her fingertips. She put her ear to the wood and couldn't hear a sound.

Carefully, she pulled open the door and peeked around the threshold. The universe was still there. Probably the same universe, but it was so vast that she couldn't tell. She wracked her brain but had absolutely no idea how it could have gotten there.

The cosmos unfolded in front of her. Planets danced through their days, weeks, years before her eyes. Stars were born and blinked away. She lifted her hand and reached through the door. This space, if she was really touching it, was slightly colder than her apartment, but not uncomfortable.

“Hello?” called Jamie into the void. There was no echo. The universe swallowed her words whole.

“Hello?” came the reply. At first Jamie thought it was an echo, but the voice was too tinny and high to be hers, like it was coming over supermarket speakers.

“Who's there?” called Jamie. Again her words disappeared. A brilliant comet streaked by so close that she felt she could have reached out and touched it.

“We've been trying to make contact for years,” said the voice, echoing in her apartment. “Our scientists, our philosophers, our astronomers, our priests. We've tried and tried to open a door to the other side, to no avail. But now...” the voice trailed off.

“What are you talking about?” asked Jamie.

“Aren't you God?” said the voice.

“No,” said Jamie. She felt slightly guilty. “My name is Jamie.”

“Oh,” said the voice. “Could you shut the door, then? You're letting all the heat out.”

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