by Jake Christie

a story.

Eric is thinking,
“Should I go with pork or steak tonight? Pork won't take as long to cook but I think she prefers steak. Steak does take longer to cook, right? I guess it depends on the cut. Everything takes longer if it's pan-fried.”

Spot is thinking,
“Frisbee frisbee throw the frisbee frisbee green frisbee throw it throw it come on Eric you know you want to throw it the frisbee I mean frisbee frisbee throw the frisbee gree frisbee I want to chase it throw the frisbee frisbee throw it please.”

And Eric is thinking,
“How do you know when meat is actually done? I take it off the heat when it's brown – like, DARK brown, really done – but then on the inside it's still pink. Maybe we should just go out for dinner. If we go out I know that whatever we buy will at least be edible.”

And Spot is thinking,
“Just throw the FRISBEE I mean come on you're just HOLDING it and that accomplishes NOTHING throw it throw it throw the frisbee throw the FRISBEE I want to CHASE THE FRISBEE JUST THROW IT FRISBEE FRISBEE FRISBEE

Eric stops thinking and throws the frisbee.

Spot stops thinking and runs.

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