by Jake Christie

a story.

Two seagulls stand on a bench, looking out over the water.

(Well, technically they are only half-looking over the water. Due to the position of their eyes on either side of their heads and a wide field of vision they are also looking east, towards the ferry terminal, and west, towards the bridge. But they are focused on the ocean, considering the wide world to the south of them.)

“I think Janet is going to leave me,” says the first gull.

“Why?” asks the second gull. He turns his head, sweeping his vision so that he can now also see north, into the city. He focuses on the first gull's eye, yellow and black-flecked and looking over the water.

“She's been acting strange,” he replies. “I don't think she's happy.”

The wind gusts. The gulls tuck their heads into their feathers.

“Maybe you should talk to her about it,” suggests the second gull, muffled.

The first gull continues staring over the water.

“What do you think is over there? To the south?”

“I don't know,” says the second gull. “Maybe you should go back to your nest. Talk to your mate.”

The first gull thinks about this for a long moment, then steps off the bench and spreads his wings, and floats out above the sea.

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