by Jake Christie

a story.

“This meeting of the Coalition of Brilliant Starving Artists will come to order,” said Maddox, tapping his cafe au lait on the table. “Is there any new business?”

Kara raised her hand and was recognized. Bangles and bracelets slid down her wrist.

“As you know,” she said, “I've been trying to secure us some funding, and I think I may have found a sponsor.”

Murmurs rippled through the Coalition. Maddox furrowed his immaculate groomed-to-look-like-he'd-just-gotten-up brow.

“A sponsor?” he echoed.

“Right,” continued Kara, nervously. “They want to display our work. They'll pay us.”

“If people see our work,” said Maddox, “it may become popular.”

Kara waited a long time before she said, “Yes.”

“If our work becomes popular, we will no longer be starving artists.”


“We'll have to change our name. We'll have to dumb down our art for the masses. We'll eat regularly and look healthy. Our torn clothes will look foolish. Is that what you want?”

Kara gulped and shook her head. The Coalition broke a bagel into small pieces and passed them around.

“Any other new business?”

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